Brainz had a great time in Dubai. It was his first ever visit, and he gave out samples of our Mega Sour candy to all the brave customer of The Toy Store. It was so much fun, that we’ve got more planned for Brainz now. Brainz on tour starts here.
Brainz visited Candelicious in the Dubai Mall recently, and had an incredible time meeting all of his fans. Lots of new members to the Mega Sour Crew, and we can’t wait to visit the rest of you!
Brainz had a great time in Poland at the huge Medison shopping centre. We gave out our mega sour hard candies and lots of people tried the straight face challenge. Would you try it?
Brainz went on tour and introduced Pakistan to the Mega Sour Revolution. There were free samples and masks given away and we had fun meeting the new members of the mega sour crew